I'm real sorry about that.

Thirdly, each team leader please report your progress.

The police are in pursuit of the runaway.

Can you order it for me?

I can't get used to Hsi.

I'd better report this to him.

Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

He made his girlfriend go out for a drink with him.


Don't make me suffer.

It was nice to meet you.

You've been so kind to me.


She decided to marry him.


They're on their way.

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I received my bonus.

We didn't get much done today.

She spends a lot of time practicing the piano.

What's the difference between an owl and a barn owl?

I tried to forget that she had cried.

Sonja wants to ride a bull.

We don't have to talk about this now.


Wendy didn't have to stay with me.

I'm interested in learning how to do that.

The thief ran away when she saw the policeman.


No arrests have been reported.

If you have any difficulty, ask me for help.

Leon's life was about to change forever.

Monday is trash day.

I waited all day, but Kate never came.

It being Sunday, I didn't get up early.

A spider weaves a web.


I thought you might feel like an early lunch.

I speak French much better than Valentin does.

Do you want to get together later?

Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Let's meet Brandon.

May I eat?

Donnie has been trying to get Kristian to marry him ever since he graduated from high school.

I just can't catch a break.

I think we should start making plans for the summer.

Just as it is better to illuminate than merely to shine, so to pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate.

The meeting is all over.

Rajarshi is a formidable woman.

Edith smiled warmly.


My parents forbade me to see Howard again.

Sometimes these things happen for a reason.

She deleted her Facebook account.


Where's the nearest pharmacy?

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I had no idea you were in here in Boston.

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I never found out where Lukas lives.

It's standard procedure.

The brave fireman rescued a boy from the burning house.

Randall knew he had no choice.

Moses asked Gilles to return the money that he had lent her.


Jun ran for help.


Beginners for eternity, stay on the sidelines.

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The bones build up a skeleton.

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Without music, life would be an error. The German imagines even God singing songs.

I just got overtaken by a Williams, for Pete's sake!

Please try your best to get along with everybody else.


Mayflies are ephemeral. As adults they live but a day. Sometimes it's a rainy day.

Roy works from early in the morning until late at night every day.

He will have to repeat the school year.

Lou didn't follow Paula's advice.

She joined me in a wink of an eye.

Biddle was an extremely intelligent man.

Saqib handled it perfectly.

"Mom, can I buy me an ice cream?" "No way, because if I let you, it will spoil your dinner."

I haven't forgotten our first date.

Clyde is the only trumpet player I know.

Price was the luckiest.

Aviaries are sometimes called flight cages because the birds confined therein have room to fly around.

Kylo handed Andre a ham and cheese sandwich.

There are bean bags in our library.

Did you buy her a dog?

Justin does the best he can.

Sugar is bad for your teeth.

She sounded a little disappointed.

No didn't consider Theo's feelings at all.

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He enjoyed a life of leisure.

Dan stuck to his story.

Cindie was fired from his job last week.

I said I'll be fine.

Do any of you know them?

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He caught me staring at him and I blushed.

Would you be interested in going to Griff's party with me?

I'm learning Irish.

Have her do it.

What sort of work do you do?

Saturdays are sacred.

My door's always open.

Do I sound in love?

I didn't have time to write the report.

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Will you take a check?


All the soldiers stood side by side.

Let's count heads before we leave.

We haven't had any problems so far.


Is there somewhere we can talk?


Syd is a voice actor.


Please, take a look at my first post and let me know what you think about it.


There's no doubt that she'll visit England this summer.

Anatole gave the dictionary back to Novorolsky.

I'll call for you at 8 tomorrow morning.

Irvin claimed that he didn't know his beach house was being used for illegal activities.

If you want to try it, go ahead and try it.


You shouldn't trust anything Jock says.

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It wants looking into.

Where do you spend your weekends?

The lawyer insisted on his innocence.

Is this a picture that he drew by himself?

I'll take these roses.

This movie is highly recommended.

Just out of curiosity, what do you expect to happen?

Don't yell at me.

I drive a delivery truck.

"I heard that Hsi was dying." "Dying? He's hale and hearty!"

Please set the table.

I kicked the dog.

Speech is silver, silence is gold.


I'm driving to Paris tomorrow.

Tickets for today's game sold like hot cakes.

There are usually taxis in front of the train station.


You're small.

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Recent overseas transfers show that productivity improvements in Japanese manufacturing industry have almost reached their limit.

The courthouse ordered new gavels.

When we started out designing web pages, we were the only ones doing it in this part of the country.

I want that more than I've ever wanted anything in my life.

I was careful not to say anything to make him angry.

Lester was sitting on the edge of the desk playing his ukulele.

Do you want to hear my story?

I told him he should leave it , but he did it anyway.

Pam drank a glass of milk.


I want to cut down on the time it takes to process files.

Look, my dog is not as dirty as yours.

Would you send, by real mail, some brochures that will help me to choose a hotel?

No, it's not necessary.

We should head home.

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Shel seemed to be frightened.

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She sometimes hesitates before answering.

Sridhar stood near the window.

She's too picky.

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Go fix the hot-water bottle.

I want to pick out a present for my friend.

He hasn't written you a letter in a long time.

Marc heard Teresa.

Edmund won't know I'm here.

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Spyros looks crazy.

The thief-taker arrested many thieves at the same time.

You should get to bed early tonight.


Pilar told Piotr he didn't want her to leave.

That gave me a rough idea.

A policeman is outside.

Mix flower with two eggs.

Guess how much that cost me.

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That's not a bad idea.

Dominic knew who the killer was.

Novorolsky will have to work tomorrow.

Where are they headed?

There's an American girl who wants to see you.

Please come back home.

She wanted to keep him in Arkhangelsk at all costs.

I met Ricardo here.

There are a lot of results and a calculation mistakes.

Take him downtown.

Stephe needs to leave.